Candy Bear Slippers

$40.00 Incl sales tax

Fall in love with these beautiful, cozy, and soft fur Teddy Slippers!!



They have arrived just in time for the winter these Candy Bear Slippers provide that heat from the winters cold. The Candy Bear Slippers offer the perfect gifts for any season. These are not like your ordinary slippers! They are soft, furry, and ohhhh so adorable!!! They are one size fits all from a woman’s 5-10 shoe size.


*** Please allow shipping time from 3-5 Business days depending on when the order is placed***


Red Licorice

Blue Berry Pop

Black Licorice

Cotton Candy Pink


Rainbow Delight


Sour Grape

Green Apple

Orange Sherbet

Blue Jolly Rancher


Bubble Gum Bright Hot Pink


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Cotton Candy Pink, Panda, Rainbow Delight, Brownie, Red Licorice, Blue Berry Pop, Black Licorice, Sour Grape, Green Apple, Orange Sherbet, Blue Jolly Rancher, Safari, Bubble Gum Bright Hot Pink



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