Flawless Installation Kit

$12.99 Incl sales tax

Flawless Installation Kit is the perfect option to complete your entire look. After you purchase our beautiful wig units add this to make life so much easier.


This Kit is a huge benefit when you are trying to achieve that flawless install. This kit will provide everything you need to install your wig from the Flawless Wig Adhesive that last for 1-4 weeks with proper maintenance and care. The Adhesive is waterproof allow for 24 hours before using any water on the adhesive. The kit has a wonderful Adhesive release that will allow for the any mistakes to be corrected quickly. The last two items in this kit is a 3-in-1 Edge brush and comb that is used during the installation by utilizing the rat-tail end to lay down the lace in the front. The final item is a wig cap that helps to protect your natural tresses. This is a must have orders your today!!


Each Bottle is: 60ml


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